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15 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: intermediate

Black Melon from Carmes (Cucumis melo)

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  • Black Melon from Carmes (Cucumis melo): this variety holds very dark skin, almost black, it belongs to the cantaloupe family, and was cultivated in France by the Carmelites. It mustbe harvested when it reaches full maturity, when the peel begins to turn orange and the fruit takes on a slightly flattened shape. The fruits are quite large – up to 1.5 kg – and each plant produces 4 or 5 (it has average productivity). The peel is smooth and deeply ribbed; the pulp is dense, orange, very sweet and fruity. It should be consumed very soon after harvest, after two days at most. It is an early variety (75-80 days) and its cultivation is quite easy.

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