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Da Serbo Tomato from Tuscany - Bombolino (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)

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  • Da Serbo Tomato from Tuscany - Bombolino (Lycopersicon Lycopersicum): We have Mr. Daniele Albanese to thank for this fabulous variety, he kept it for many years and has given the seeds to us, along with others still going through the control process, and which will probably be available Next year. We do not know the exact history of this tomato: Daniele has always grown them, he tells us, and hangs them in his garage; it keeps very well. He sent the seeds and a tomato to show us how to preserve it. The plant is determined, rustic and productive. The berry is round, weighing up to 30 grams; the skin is exceptionally thick, and the pulp is very sweet: those some of the main characteristics of Da Serbo tomatoes. This variety is very stable, the tomatoes are all the same size, a display a beautiful red when ripe. Despite its size, it does not suffer from apical rot, it can be grown in pots because it tolerated water stress very well (we tested it i for dry farming, as you will read in the soon-to-be-released guide).


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