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Cultivation: Easy

Seed Saving: Intermediate 

Dragon's Breath Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense)

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  • Dragon's Breath (Capsicum chinense): many think of this variety as a legend, a mere variety of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion; It is, however, the result of a collaboration between Neal Price, NPTechnology, and the University of Nottingham Trent, currently being grwon in Wales. Although they do not have an official measure of the capsaicin content yet, the producers declare (which you can find out when cultivating it), that it is probably above 2,400,000 SHU, higher than the Carolina Reaper that still remains the record holder in the absence of an official measure. The chilis are small, displaying an intense red and wrinkled skin, their shape is rounded and slightly ribbed, sometimes with a small tip. Sufficiently stable and compliant with standard cultivar characteristica for most of the production. It has a very spicy, penetrating, aggressive aroma, not very fruity. Its savagery is also felt while drying, the air gets filled with an intense smell that invades the throat to the limits of endurance. You only need 3 gms of dried chili for 1lt of extra virgin olive oil. Grow it, judge by yourself whether it is myth or reality, and become a legend yourself!

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