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White Tarahumara Bean (Phaseolus coccineus)

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  • White Tarahumara Bean (Phaseolus coccineus):  Heirloom, very rare cultivar. The plant has majestic flowers, and gives utterly white, wide beans, it was bequeathed from the tribe “Tarahumara Otachique”, in Chihuaua.

    Like Coccineus, they resist low temperatures well, whereas it is actually more difficult for the plant to set when the temperatures are high. They are also photo dependent, the setting can only be undertaken when the hours of light are lowered and the spectrum becomes redder. If these conditions are not meant, you ought to be patient, in September the production will begin massively. It also resists well up to November in the Center south, continuing its production.

    Excellent taste, full, almost sweet;  creamy consistency when cooked, they are not at all leathery despite their size.

    This very rustic plant is suitable for mountain climates where temperatures are prohibitive for other beans.

    This variety is part of a research that we have been carrying out for some time on the contamination between territories of the natives included in the Southwest of the USA and confined states.

    From the “Popolo che corre” – the running people- to Abruzzo.

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