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Seed Saving: beginner

Cowpea Delia’s Delight (Vigna unguiculata)

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  • Cowpea Delia’s Delight (Vigna Unguiculata): this is asui generis” choice for our selection, this new bean variety was selected by the “Cowpea Research” team of Bangalore University of Agricultural Sciences in India.

    The plant is rustic, exceptionally productive, and vigorous, it needs strong support and a suitable area (60cm between rows, and 100cm between plants). It does not need fertile soil and is resistant to water stress.

    The numerous sprouts, which exceed 40 cm, will give you beans in 80 days. Their flavour is delicate, and the skin is not too thick.

    This variety can be successfully used to separate rows of tomatoes of different varieties, interrupting the aerial path of pollinators and thus, helping to avoid their hybridization.

    “Seed Hunters” was responsible for importing it into Europe.


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