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Cultivation: Easy

Seed Saving: Beginner

Water Requirements: 1

Tepari Blue Specked Bean (Phaseolus acutifolius)

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  • Tepari Blue Specked Bean (Phaseolus acutifolius): heirloom variety of desert beans, resistant to diseases and above all, to drought. Very early too, ready in 60 days after transplanting.

    The plant has a bushy habit, it reaches 60 cm in height. Just  like most species with low water requirements, the seeds are small but extremely tasty. They have a beautiful light gray colour and blue dots. Rich in protein and fiber, considered  an important, rare variety.

    Excellent for cultivation in drought areas or for a vegetable garden with low water consumption, perfect to be grown without irrigation.

    1. Very low: no need for irrigation
    2. Low: also suitable for hot and arid areas, irrigate only in case of prolonged drought
    3. Reduced: this variety is amongst the leas demanding of its species, hence it is highly suitable for areas with sporadic rainfall, to be irrigated only in case of prolonged droughts
    4. Tolerant to water stress: it needs moderate irrigation, suitable for gardens with low water consumption.

    We are currently creating a guide for this kind of cultivation, unfortunately, until the guide is published, this is only an overall indication that we can provide without causing confusion about the process. Dry farming, in fact, requires cultivation techniques suitable for the specific  pedoclimate and substrate. All of the varieties included in this category have been acclimatized in Italy.

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