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Hyssop (Hyssopus offcinalis)

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  • Hyssop (Hyssopus offcinalis): beautiful precious perennial plant considered medicinal, it is very similar to rosemary but the taste is completely different: intense, with hints of mint, tending to bitterness. In ancient times it was
     sought after for its medicinal properties, it is also used to aromatize alcoholic solutions, and infusions. Used in some recipes as stuffing for poultry, in fatty dishes it should be used in moderation due to the high content of essential oils. Furthermore its delicate flowers are edible, large and display a beautiful purple color (from July to September).
    The plant is perennial, it also tolerates very low temperatures, reaches 80 cm in height while its area tends to be even bigger. The soil must be well drained, water stagnation is particularly detrimental to the plant. It is a great plant with many uses, as an aromatic and as ornamental in gardens.

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