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15 Seeds

Cultivation: Medium

Seeds Saving: Intermediate


Calabaza Banana Rosa (Cucurbita maxima)

  • Jumbo Pink Banana Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima): beautiful, ancient variety, present in history for more than a century, original from the USA. The fruit size changes a lot depending on the cultivation process, the plant is vigorous and productive, trimming and removal of fruits favours its growth and dimensions, up to 1mt long, and 20kg weight. We usually clip the plant but keep the fruit so the taste improves. The pumpkins are 4-5 kg, the pulp is firm and a bit sweet, fabulously tasty; It isn't only delicious, it looks amazing, the skin boasts a beautiful pink and it is so thin that is not really necessary to remove it. Amazing in the oven.

    The cultivation is not the easiest, the plant is uniquely vigorous hence it requires extra care and trimming, because of its productivity it requires a rich, well-worked soil.

    Ready in 110 days after transplant.

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