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Kiwano from Zambia (Cucumis metuliferus sub. zambianus)

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  • Kiwano from Zambia  (Cucumis metuliferus var. zambianus): this exotic sour-sweet cucurbit comes from East Africa; it has jelly like pulp, completely edible which can be consumed either fresh, in sweets, or drinks. It has harmless thorns, since they are soft and not really pointy. It goes from green when young to yellow when ripe, as the more common Kiwano, this one is also well acclimatized in Italy and it is very easy to cultivate. 

    The plant has climbing habit, is very robust, and easy to grow, even in pots; it enjoys full sun exposure.

    This is an awesome way to bring new, exotic flavours into your diet, as well as lots of magnesium and vitamin A. This variety is smaller than the other Kiwano, and does very well in pots even though it is very vigorous because it has almost no special requirements. 

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