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Berenjena Gigante Camboyana (Solanum melongena)

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  • Giant Green Cambodian Eggplant (Solanum melongena): in addition to being extraordinarily beautiful, it is super tasty. This Cambodian marvel is large, round, and slightly ribbed, it can weight up to 1 kg, it displays a beautiful green colour splashed with white.

    The pulp is tender, sweet, and fragrant -unlike average eggplants-, it also has a strong eggplant taste, its features make it suitable for quick cooking, grilling, and/or stuffing. Eggplants are an important ingredient in Cambodian cuisine, which is now making a comeback after nearly disappearing during the Khmer Rouge, a radical militia that, amongst many atrocities, burned all cooking books for considering them bourgeois. 

    The plant is tall and vigorous, it can get up to 1.20 mt, and holds lots of large leaves that are poisonous, by the way. It can be cultivated in large pots where the bright fruits standing out from the dark leaves will be extremely ornamental. 

    It takes 90 days from transplant to maturity, and produces about 5 fruits per plant.


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