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Seed Saving: Intermediate

Kiku Melon (Cucumis melo)

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  • Kiku Melon (Cucumis melo): this variety of Japanese melon has exceptional characteristics.

    Its full name is Kiku Chrysanthemum, or honey melon, because of its particular taste. The pulp is soft and provides a yoghurt-like sensation, plus a hint of sweetness; its scent is light and fresh, very aromatic.

    It is early and resistant, very productive too, amongst the first melons to be ready. It has great resistance to fungal diseases.

    The variety is very ancient, its origin is not certain, it was probably taken from China to Japan centuries ago.

    We highly recommend the cultivation of this melon, for both, beginners who will get great satisfaction without much effort, and experts who may enjoy rareness in their gardens.

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