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Belmonte Calabro Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)

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  • Belmonte Calabro Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum): this extraordinary variety of the homonymous Calabrian country was brought from the Americas in the early 1900s by a migrant.

    The fruits are large, with an average of 400/500 gm in weight, but often they even get up to a kg, they must be collected when they are not completely red.

    It is advisable to reduce the number of berries when they are too many in order to raise the organoleptic characteristics (taste) and avoid damage caused by overweight. It should be provided with the right support.

    A wonder from a wonderful land, this tomato bears the “Denomination of Origin” brand, in the town of Belmonte farmers personally select the seeds for the new seedlings. For the center-south it can be sown at the beginning of the summer in order to have a late harvest.

    This tomato is among the most important ones in Italy, many of the people who have cultivated Belmonte, have fallen in love with it, it is a very high quality product, very stable, suitable for trading since its early harvest compared to its ripening, causes it to be well preserved even during the sale period.

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