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This bundle gathers 10 different varieties of winter vegetables SUITABLE TO BE GROWN ON THE BALCONY: Dwarf Curly Kale, Paris Market Carrot, Red Lollo Lettuce, Rubarb Chard, Oakleaf Lettuce, Black Spanish Radish, Purple Cabbage, Ishikura Winter Onion, Radicchio from Castel Franco, Brussel Sprouts.


For one or more balconies, the seeds can be divided and stored in their bags for the following year, when treated with essential oils it helps keeping unwanted insects away. Our seeds are all reproducible, no F1 hybrids, or GMO'S. Our new desiccant bag contains NATURAL CLAY that, compared to Silica Gel, is regenerable and helps to remove moisture away from your seeds for a long conservation.


Save more than 50% compared to buying single sachets.

Romeo and Juliet ... a winter garden in balcony

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  • In this collection you will find 10 winter varieties, suitable to be grown in pots. Heirloom varieties, reproducible for future years that will provide healthy balcony, full of colour. The beauty of this collection, is only matched by its great nutritional qualities.

    A more detailed description of each variety below:

    Curly Dwarf  Kale:  resistant to the harshest cold, rich in vitamin C, to be eaten raw.

    Paris Market Carrot: an ancient variety, so short it is almost round; quick to grow, sweet, crunchy, and packed with flavour. 

     Red Lollo Lettuce: small, tasty, and beautiful as a red rose; it is rustic, resistant to low temperatures and undemanding, perfect for vase cultivation.

    Rubarb Chard: equal parts of colour, taste, and vitamins. An extraordinary, ancient variety from Northern Europe, it will charm you. 

    Black Radish from Spain: heirloom, spicy variey. Beautirufl and packed with flavour, not late, it is generally ready in a month. 

    Purple Cauliflower from Sicily: traditional, tasty and very healthy.

    Kohlrabi: completely eatable from the leaves to the "torsa". Full of colour, fabulous in the kitchen.

    Ishikura Winter Onion:  exotic variety from the Land of the Rising Sun,  a real rarity, the most resistant to low temperatures of the species, suitable for pots.

    Oakleaf Lettuce: curly and deliciously fresh.

    Brussels Sprouts: for the "joy" of  every child.  It is s a highly ornamental variety too.

    Radicchio from Castel Franco: the last from this fabulous collection, its leaves are tasty "petals" dotted with red, with full consistency, and lively flavor.

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