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150 seeds

cultivation : Easy

production seeds: Beginner 


Merlo Nero Spinach (Spinacia oleracea)

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  • Merlonero Spinach  (Spinacia oleracea): this heirloom cultivar is perfect for winter production thanks to its resistance to cold climate. It can be sown in spring considering that in temperatures around 25°c/28°c the plant tents to seed, determining the end of the harvest.

    The Leaves are dark green and bubbly , the plant is big and fast to grow. It has to be harvested manually, taking care of not damaging the central part.

    For the seeds it will be necessary to wait for higher temperatures, after the blooming little rounded white fruits full of seeds will show up. Clean the seeds from the exceeding green material around them and let them dry far from the sun in a airy, fresh place until the next season.

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