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Seed Saving: Intermediate

Gallosa d’Eysines Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima)

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  • Gallosa d’Eysines (Cucurbita maxima):  this interesting, ancient pumpkin comes from the village of Eysines, in Bordeaux, a territory of famous wines.

    Its first appeareance in a catalogue is in 1895 with the name “Courge Brodée Galeuse Giraumon d’Eysines” , Embroidered Gallosa Giraumon Pumpkin from the Country of Eysines. It is almost certainly a variant of the Brodé de Thoumain, and it soon became a traditional variety.

    The success of this pumpkin doesn't only depend on its aesthetics, since it boasts incredible beauty, but the little lumps on its skin that provide its particular appearance protect it from external attacks; it keeps well after harvest. This variety is rustic and easy to grow.

    It is very popular in the kitchen, its compact pulp is very sweet and not at all fibrous, suitable for great winter creams.

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