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Santa Bellunese Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima)

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  • Santa Bellunese Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima): an ancient variety cultivated in Val Belluna on the edges of corn fields; its cultivation began in the post-war period, mainly for household consumption, rarely for commercial purposes. It is used in domestic crops with support, so it can grow as a climber plant. The fruit is voluminous and round, flattened at the apex, weighting about 3 kg. The hard skin is usually green, but sometimes it develops pink and yellow areas, it's also slightly ribbed. The pulp exhibits an intense yellow/orange colour, and numerous white seeds. Its sweetness makes it perfect for any type of recipe, from the most common gnocchi and the traditional risotto, to tasty homemade desserts such as pumpkin bread.In 2011, the Consortium for the Protection of the "Belluno Santa Pumpkin" was born with the aim of enhancing this typical product; the Consortium guarantees the quality and traceability of this variety with incomparable characteristics; it also puts the pumpkin up for competetion in the famous Pumpkin Festival organized by the Pro Loco of Caorera, in the lower Feltrino area in the municipality of Quero Vas.

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