This bundle gathers 14 different varieties of winter vegetables for expert cultivators who want a colourful vegetablen of heirloom varieties.  Summer and autumn sowing that will guarantee a complete vegetable garden up to 200sqm in winter.


The varieties included in this collection are: Romanesco Broccoli, Yellow Bunch Carrot, Read Cabbage, Green Cauliflower from Macerata, Purple Kohlrabi, Red Ribbed Catalogna Chicory, Daikon Japanese Radish, Scarlet Kale, Drunk Lettuce from Trento, Radicchio from Castelfranco, Long Catozza Turnip, Rubarb Chard, Spigarello Broccoli, Black Salsify.


For one or more balconies, the seeds can be divided and stored in their bags for the following year, when treated with essential oils it helps keeping unwanted insects away. Our seeds are all reproducible, no F1 hybrids, or GMO'S. Our new desiccant bag contains NATURAL CLAY that, compared to Silica Gel, is regenerable and helps to remove moisture away from your seeds for a long conservation.


Save more than 50% compared to buying single sachets.

Giotto Winter Seeds Bundle - A Colorful Winter

  • A more detailed description of each variety below:

    Scarlet Kale:  great taste, resistance to cold, and full of nutritional properties; it can be eaten raw in order to absorb all its Vitamin C.

    Green cauliflower from Macerata: ancient, bright green thanks to its high content of chlorophyll.

    Red Cabbage, rustic, vigorous, and resistant to cold, important organoleptic characteristics.

    Romanesco broccoli: beautiful and traditional, rich in vitamin C which makes it perfect for winter, when we need it the most.

    Purple Kohlrabi: not widely known but a very important variety, it is productive and easy to grow. It is rich in anthocyanins, and completely eadable, from leaves to torsa.

    Rubarb Chard: heirloom variety, surprisingly beautiful, very tasty. It has red "vein" of an intense red that provide a beautiful contrast against the green leaves.

    Long Catozza Turnip: heirloom variety from Naples, the leaves have the typical bitter turnip taste that constrasts with a sweet root.

    Daikon Japanese Radish: big size, crunchy texture, and a delicate taste.

    Spigarello Broccoli: it is highly adaptable to lots of differenty preparations, so it allows for many recipes. 

     Radicchio from Castel Franco: amongst the finest in both, taste and beauty.

    Yellow Bunch Carrot: reaches up to 25cm but can also be consumed as a "baby".

    Red Cabbage: beautiful in the garden and even more on the table, it will provide your dishes with lots of colour.

    Black Salsify: highly sustainable thanks to its extreme rusticity, and almost none water requirements.  High fiber content. 

    Red Ribbed Catalonia Chicory: differentiates itself from other Chicories because of its intense red colour, and less bitter taste.



    Neapolitan Friarello: healthy and packed with flavour.

    Scarlet Kale: the only "foreign" but with great taste, resistance to cold, and full of nutritional properties; they can be eaten raw in order to absorb all its Vitamin C.

    Purple Cauliflower from Sicily: traditional, tasty and very healthy.Neapolitan Friariello: so fabulous and healthy that needs no further description.

    Ribbed Chard from Bari:  a "must have" winter veggie.

    White Turnip: beautiful and sweet, a root suitable for all soils, early, and resistant to cold in all latitudes.

    Brunswick Cabbage; heirloom and highly appreciated variety.

     Red Radicchio of Treviso:  packed with taste and health, no more  introduction needed. 

    Puntarelle di Galatina: exquisite and very traditional, 


    Endivia Scarola: the most important of the endives, present in many recipes, to be eaten cooked or raw.  

    Drunk or Red Lettuce of Trento: Italian, delicious tradition

     Parsnip:  important, ancient and very tasty.

  • GIOTTO bag , this collection is aimed the most demanding growers. Heirloom. Lots of minerals, lots of vitamins, lots of passion. It needs a well-worked soil, and  a little patience, however, it will provide a fabulous garden full of colours and health benefits.