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30 Seeds

Coltivation: easy

Seed Saving: beginner

Thai Licorice Basil (Ocimum thyrsiflora)

  • Thai Licorice Basil (Ocimum Thyrsiflora):  vigorous plant of about 45 cm in height, very ornamental because of its leaves of dark stems and purlple stripes, features also present on the flowers.

    This heirloom plant is widely used in South East Asian cuisine, it has a strong decisive flavour and an intense licorice scent; when dried it gives dishes a very pleasant, exotic taste.

     Suitable also for pot cultivation, the plant is rustic and undemanding; moreover, the very long flowering phase will attract bees and pollinators.
     During the years of cultivation we have never found hybridization with other species of basil.

    As with all other species of basil, it is advisable to let some of the plants bloom in order to collect, and reproduce the seeds; it is also important to trim the others in order to increase the quality and quantity of the foliar production destined for consumption.


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