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100 seeds 

Cultivation: easy 

seeds production: beginner 


Buck's-horn plantain (Plantago coronopus)

  • Buck'shorn Plantain (Plantago coronopus): this spontaneous plant is used for cooking and herbal medicine, too. It is very easy to cultivate since it doesn’t have any specific requirements for water and soil, it only needs water during really dry periods. It has  good resistance to cold weather and it can be sown in both, spring and autumn for spring and winter consumption. To harvest, the leaves should be cut a few cm from the soil so the plant grows new leaves, just like lettuce, it is actually also known as English Plantain and Minutina Lettuce. To collect the seeds, wait until the spring after sowing, they will follow the small flowers.

  • It is a bit bitter but refreshing too, it smells similar to freshly-cut grass. It is generally eaten raw, it also has ornamental or aromatical uses. The leaves are rich in vitamins A-C-K as well as tannins, pectin, mucilage and its seeds are good for essential oils.

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