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Purple Kulli Corn (Zea mays)

  • Purple Kulli Corn (Zea mays): very ancient purple variety, the darkest known, it's also known as Kulli, native to Peru, in the Andean highlands.

    It is a tropical mountain variety, acclimatized to temperate climate, it is true that its cultivation is a challenge, but it's definetly worth it.

    Kulli is very rich in anthocyanins, even more than blueberries, it is used for making “Chicha morada”, the healthy, dark Peruvian drink; in Italy, howevern, it is popular because it is easier to find and grow. Kulli is also used to give colour to fabrics , it provides an extraordinary dark purple.

    It is about 2.5 mt, sometimes more, and takes 120-150 days to maturity.

    It's suitable for those who want to try out their ability on the cultivation of a very rare cultivar that needs lots of attention.

    There are easier corns to grow, like Blue Hopi or Black Azteca, but luck shines for those who dare, you know.

  • 1000 years of Kulli Corn history

    There are many varieties of black corn, such as Asteca black corn, but none of them is as incredibly dark as Kulli. It is currently used by the descendants of the Incas themselves! It has so many anthocyanins that some say it has more antioxidant potential than blueberries! Used for “Chicha Morada” Peru’s National drink.

    Kulli is one of the legacies from the ancient Inca People in Perú, it is part of humanity’s greatest heritage so we keep it as a treasures for future generations.

    Cultivating and reproducing its seeds means stressing the importance of preserving biodiversity for all. Who would think that their legacy would sprout in a foreign land about 1000 years later.

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