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20/25  Seeds

Coltivation: Easy

Seed Saving: Intermediate

Round Eggplant from Valencia (Solanum Melongena)

  • Round Eggplant from Valencia (Solanum Melongena):

    Ancient variety. Round and purple, the pulp is white and firm, the fruits can weight between 200 -400 gm.

    The plant is precocious, rustic, and very productive; it does not require forcing in greenhouses because it tolerates lower temperatures better than other eggplants.

    For consumption, collect the fruits when they are less than 15 cm. For collecting seeds, allow some others to ripen completely. 

  • We selected this variety because it is a great representative of ancient ecotypes, a real “heirloom”.

    It allows for cultivation and personal consume, as well as for small companies that have the opportunity to grow an eggplant with more eco-sustainable characteristics, far from the industrial processes that can be more harmful; After all, we are all seeking for balance between farming and land, to which sustainability is its vehicle.

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