40/50  seeds

Coltivation: easy

Seeds saving: easy

Mungo Bean (Vigna radiata)

  • Mungo Bean (Vigna radiata): heirloom bean takes origins from Asia but now is grown all over the world. The seed is small and dark green.  The plant has a bushy habit, reaching 90 cm. Very productive but with maturation of the pods not regular; these are harvested when they turn from green to brown, starting from 75 days from transplanting (about 90-100 from sowing). Small Mung beans are very high in protein, around 30%, and are also used for animal fodder. Mung beans are also used a lot for the production of sprouts, often when the restaurant asks for Soya sprouts instead they are of this ecotype. Attention: these beans are produced on our estate, without the aid of any product, this year particularly not even the cupric compound, they can be easily used for consumption in buds, so we have increased the quantity per pouch. Sow at the end of March and transplant mid-April. They do not have large water needs; in the soil they prefer phosphorus and potassium instead of nitrogen.