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20/25  Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: intermediate

Red Squared Pepper from Asti (Capsicum Annuum)

  • Red Squared Pepper from Asti (Capsicum annuum): a variety from Provence that spread to Turin, more precisely in Motta di Costiglione d’Asti, where it is mainly cultivated.

    It is a forur-lobed pepper, large, tasty, and very early.

    The plant is productive and vigorous, when sowing, it is important to mind at least 1 mt between the rows and 50 cm between the plants. It should be provided with support due to its large production.

    It is great for baking or stuffing, it comes in two bright colors, yellow and red.

    Asti pepper seeds are easily found, however you should always mind that they are not F1 (as most of the ones you find) if  you intend to reproduce them.

  • This pepper comes from the south of Provence (France) where it's called “pèbroun”, becoming “povron” in the dialect from Piemonte (Northern Italy).

    Traditionally, when someone was able to say the phrase “Dui provron bagná ‘nt euli” without getting a bad look from their grandmother, it was considered to have successfully passed the dialect exam, which is probably what led to this pepper being considered a big representative of the typical recipes of Piedmontese grastronomy.

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