25 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: beginner

Cavendesh Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)

  • Cavendesh Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum): traditional variety of the UK, it have characteristics suitable for trading.

    It tolerates low temperatures well, early sowing.

    It produces omogeneous fruits in shape, weight, and color (85-90 gm bright red, without spots), keeps well after harvest,  taste is sweet but not too much, suitable for both, sauces and raw consumption.

    It is excellent for self-production gardens.


  • Open to Companies

    In this update from Cercatori and towards the new year, we have decided to increase the products suitable for commerce.

    Important to say that it is always under the sustainability context: by introducing in farms the oldest varieties, therefore most arable by sustainable methods, this way we spread them where the impact is greater on the ecology and the market.

    Of course this is mostly about local trade. However, the many requests that we are increasingly receiving from different companies about traditions, have shown us that even economically, sustainability and tradition (or ancient) are synonymous of success.

    Sustainable and profitable agriculture is not only possible but desirable for companies.

    This is the reason why you will (also) find new products that are more suitable for trading, with greater production and conservation after harvesting, as well as wider uses in the kitchen; always, and in any case, ancient, rustic and undemanding varieties.