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Black Tomato from Crimea (Lycopersicon lycopersicum)

  • Black Tomato from Crimea (Lycopersicon lycopersicum): indeterminate tomato from the Krim island in the former Soviet Union.

    We have certainty that it has been permanently selected for about 30 years but it probably has more ancient origins.

    The fruit is large, steak type, it is fleshy and full of flavor, a bit salty; it is dark brown going to black on the upper part.

    In order to get the good production  that this plant is able to givem, it is necessary to remove the “female” -the axillary buds-  and eventually reduce the green part.

    Like all tomatoes rich in anthocyanins it likes full sun exposure which intensifies its color. it does not have any particular water requirements and does not suffer from apical rot.

    It takes about 60-75 days from transplant to consumption.