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Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: beginner

Sweet Pepper (Solanum muricatum)

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  • Sweet Cucumber (Solanum muricatum): unusual fruit from the Andes, one of its main features is its great aroma. It is easy to grow, it can be reproduced easily from stems as well as from seeds which is preferred for the better interest of subsequent generations. It is undemanding in terms of soil and its organoleptic characteristics and production improve with a good contribution of potassium, even the water needs are reduced but the superficial roots benefit greatly from mulching. It withstands temperatures close to zero but suffers intense and prolonged frosts. The plant is perennial but can be grown as an annual. Sweet Cucumber is commonly called pear melon in Italy because of its taste and texture. This plant that will provide great satisfaction, even for beginners who will be able to experience the process of cutting and reproducing the stems.

  • "It is often used in salads but is also consumed as fresh fruit. The most aromatic varieties are used in the preparation of jams, ice creams and fruit juices. At nutritional level, cucumber is rich in potassium, it provides lots of benefits at intestinal level and in combating hypertension. It is particularly rich in magnesium, calcium, and copper with consequent benefits for the nervous system and bones. It also provides vitamins: A, B, C, K and Beta-carotene, it
     has a low calorie intake, from 15 to 23 calories per hundred grams of fruit: this makes cucumber suitable for diabetics, obese, heart disease, people suffering from liver disease or more generally digestive disorders. Finally, it has been found by many researchers that the phytochemical compounds present in the fruit have high anticancer potentials and inhibit bad cholesterol to the advantage of the good one."


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