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100 Seeds
Cultivation: Easy
Seed Saving: Intermediate

Tabacco Cerimoniale Santo Domingo

  • Santo Domingo Ceremonial Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica): An ancient variety cultivated by many native tribes for apotropaic purposes. This is shamans' favourite for the particular "strength" of its smoke,
     used in the famous Calumet ceremony, to sanction peace agreements in the Amerindian indigenous populations, as in many other shamanic functions. Its minimum sowing temperature is 15°, it takes from 25 to 30 days to flower. It could be sow either in spring or late spring, depending on location. The seeds should not be buried but placed on the soil, they are tiny, (no worries, we are currently on the process of creating a guide to help you during cultivation). Prepare a good seedbed, the transplant should be carried out when six or seven leaves have sprouted.
     To collect the seeds it should be allowed to bloom.
     On the other hand, if it is being grown for consumption, it is appropriate to cut the flowers and axillary buds to increase the production and the leaf quality.
     Each plant will provide a large amount of seeds.Flowering and setting last until the arrival of intense colds. A variety for collectors.

  • There is a short, very interesting description of the Calumet ceremony on this page by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: 

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