12 Ancient traditional local varieties from Italy, found and kept for many years but at risk of disappearing.

For a complete garden of about 150 sq mt, it saves 30% more than if buying them all separetely.

They come in a special jute gift bag treated with Laurel to store the seeds.


  • Each juta bag treated with essential oils includes a bag of:

    It also includes a sachet of desiccant natural clay to remove moisture away from the seeds and allow for longer conservation.

    All of our seeds are reproducible and non-GMO, no F1.

  • This obviously the collection of only Italian excellence. A complete vegetable garden of the best, most traditional varieties, all reproducible for future years. Our whole beautiful country in a single garden, from Piedimonti to the sea of Sicily.

    We begin with three different tomato varieties:

    First, the giant Belmonte from Calabria that floods our harvests with satisfaction since we get to collect up to 1kg pure goodness, for juicy salads, sandwiches, and our famous Caprese. 

    Second: the one who cannot be absent from any all-Italian collection, the Piennolo from Vesuvio. Good for sauces, preserves, and winter traditional recipes. It has a high sugar content, and unbeatable taste.

    Third: King Umberto, also called Fiascone, recently discovered, ancient taste; it is one of those varieties from which  the recently disappeard San Marzano  was selected.

    Next on our selection is the Faenza Watermelon, a recently re-discovered heirloom ecotype, easy to grow and productive, in need to be saved.

    Then going into the Puglia region, we have the Carosello Cucumber from Polignano, a melon to be eaten immature, like a cucumber, a very very traditional variety from this sunny strip of Italy. 

    Moving to higher latitudes, to the city of Art, Firenze and its Violet Fiorentina Eggplant, big, tasty, and beautiful.

    To keep going North, from colder weathers, the very ancient Moscatello Melon. Even if it has been only recovered recently, it was already present in one of Caravaggio's paintings in the 17th century.

    To keep adding excellence to our bundle, we have the "Socere e Nore" Bean of the Majella Park, directly from the Green Heart of Europe, Abruzzo; almost impossible to find in regular markets.

    Back to the South, we have the Senise Pepper, little known by this name but popular by the one of its famous preparation, Crusco Pepper a wonder of Italian gastronomy.

    Finally, from Sicily, the White Zucchini. An ancient variety imbued with all the flavour from this wonderful land. 

    To finish with an equally wonderful variety, we included the Favignana Chili Pepper, a heirloom grown and selected in the harsh conditions of sea life.

    This bundle makes for a unique gift, suitable to anyone, beginners to experts, and highly appreciated by everyone.

    Seeds Hunters is invested in saving and reproducing Italian heirloom varieties, hence you can add further special, rare seeds to the CARAVAGGIO by going to our Italian Rarest page

    All our seeds are natural and reproducible, our special bag treated with Laurel can be used to safely store seeds until sowing time.