This bundle gathers 16 different varieties of winter vegetables SUITABLE FOR ALL SOILS, clayey, medium-textured or sandy. Summer and autumn sowing that will guarantee a complete vegetable garden up to 200sqm in winter.


Ribbed Chard from Bari,  Neapolitan Friariello,  Romanesco Broccolo, Calabrian Banchy Broccoli, Chantenay Carrot, White Tuscan Early Cauliflower, Brunswick Cabbage, Black Tuscan Kale, Kohlrabi, Endivia Escarole, Drunk Lettuce from Trento, Puntarelle from Galatina (Fabulous taste), Italian Parsnip, Long Catozza Turnip, Late Radicchio from Treviso , Fire Candle Radish. 


The seeds can be divided and stored inside the bag they come in, when treated with essential oils it helps keeping unwanted insects away. Our seeds are all reproducible, no F1 hybrids, or GMO'S.

Our new desiccant bag contains NATURAL CLAY that, compared to Silica Gel, is regenerable and helps to remove moisture away from your seeds for a long conservation.


Save more than 50% compared to buying single sachets.

Winter Seeds Bundle - Loose Soils

  • In this bag  you will find 16 varieties, to be sown in summer as well as in autumn. All heirloom, very easy to cultivate. Available in two collections, one for loose soils (this one) and one  for all soils. The difference is in the last two ecotypes. One of our main goals is to distribute the Parsnip, a variety with excellent nutritional properties, but whose cultivation is in constant decrease.

    In the bag suitable for all terrains you will find the Paris Market Carrot and the Sicilian Giant Radish instead of the Candle of Fire Radish .

    A more detailed description of each variety below:

    Black Tuscan Kale: rich in vitamin A, the king of many traditional recipes.

    Romanesco Broccoli:  beautiful and traditional.

    Friarello: healthy and packed with flavour.

    Ribbed Chard from Bari:  a "must have" winter veggie.

    Brunswick Cabbage; heirloom and highly appreciated variety.

     Red Radicchio of Treviso:  packed with taste and health, no more  introduction needed. 

    Puntarelle di Galatina: exquisite and very traditional, 

    Kohlrabi: not widely known but a very important variety, it is productive and easy to grow. 

    Endivia Scarola: the most important of the endives, present in many recipes, to be eaten cooked or raw.  

    Drunk Lettuce from Trento: Italian, delicious tradition

     Parsnip: important heirloom, ancient and very tasty.

    Candle Fire Radish: the most productive of the Radishes.