The bag contains:

  • 10 varieties of winter vegetables SUITABLE FOR CULTIVATION ON THE BALCONY:
  • Paris Market Carrot, Bok Choy Chinese Cabbage, Dwarf Kale, Purple Kohlrabi, Ceriolo Rosso from Verona, Cicoria from Castelfranco,  Ishikura Onion, Yellow Swiss Chard, Giant Radish from Sicily, Mizuna Asian Mustard

  • For one or more balconies, the seeds can be divided and stored in their sachets for the following year.
  • They come in a jute bag treated with essential oils to keep unwanted insects away.
  • They also come with a desiccant bag that contains NATURAL CLAY which, unlike Silica Gel, is renewable and helps keep moisture away from your seeds for longer shelf life.
  • Bundles save more than 50% compared to buying single varieties.


  • In the Romeo and Juliet - Winter on the BALCONY BUNDLE you will find 10 winter varieties, suitable for vase cultivation. All heirloom, reproducible seeds for years to come, for a colourful, healthy balcony. The collection was also designed based on aesthetics, which fortunately goes hand in hand with great nutritional qualities.

     Let's visit them all in detail:
    Dwarf Curly Kale: resistant to the harshest colds, rich in vitamin C, very good to eat fresh.

    Paris Market Carrot: round, small, sweet, and fast to grow, it can be sown several times to keep harvesting fresh, crunchy carrots.

    Ceriolo Rosso from Verona: a small, tasty carmine red rose; it is also rustic, resistant to low temperatures and undemanding, perfect for vase cultivation.

    Yellow Chard: lots of colour and taste.Extraordinary ancient variety from Northern Europe. It is also a great addition to recipes.

    Giant Sicilian Raddish: one of the largest varieties suitable for vase cultivation, it also has a short cycle, it will provide a number of harvests before the intense cold.

    Purple Cabbage Turnip also known as Kohlrabi: entirely good, from the leaves to the "torsa", it displays vibrant color, and it's great for diverse recipes during the winter.

    Ishikura Onion : the exotic touch from the Land of the Rising Sun; out of the species, it is the most resistant to cold temperatures and suitable for vases. It is a real rarity, which can be consumed in colorful salads along with the beautiful Red Ceriolo from Verona, which looks like a rose, and the Multicolor Radicchio from CastelFranco, a real explosion of colour and taste.

    As mentioned before, this year we have more varieties from Japan and China: in addition to the aforementioned winter onion we have added the Chinese Cabbage: BOK CHOY, fleshy and beautiful, resistant to vase stress and full of taste, a really exciting variety. And the best ending for this fabulous compilation of seeds, is the famous MIZUNA: to fill dishes of exotic, spicy taste, while remaining delicate. It can be cultivated all year round, tolerates the cold well and grows quickly, which allows for many harvests.

  • WINTER BUNDLES for summer and autumn sowing will provide you with a complete healthy winter veggie garden thanks to Brassicaceas, which hold important nutritional properties: vitamins to protect us, especially C and A, Sulforaphane, and anthocyanins to counteract free radicals and help keeping us younger. These veggies contain more Iron than meat, and vitamin C to help its absorption, along with Folic Acid which contributes to the production of red blood cells. Moreover, they contain Calcium and lots of fibre to help bones and gut health.
    By cultivating and consuming the varieties in our WINTER BUNDLE you will guarantee a healthy and tasty winter, because the brassicaceas are also great on the table. In addition, the great variety will allow you to have a long, diverse harvest, for many different recipes.