The bag contains:


12 varieties of winter veggies SUITABLE FOR LOOSE, WELL PROCESSED SOILS, for summer and autumn sowing:  


  • A complete vegetable garden up to 200 square mt, the seeds can be kept and stored in their sachets for the following year.
  • They come in a jute bag treated with essential oils to keep unwanted insects away.
  • They also come with a desiccant bag that contains NATURAL CLAY which, unlike Silica Gel, is renewable and helps keep moisture away from your seeds for longer shelf life.
  • Bundles save more than 50% compared to buying single varieties.




  • In the WINTER Bag - LOOSE SOILS - WELL WORKED SOILS you will find 12 winter varieties, to be sown in summer and autumn. Unlike the  ALL SOILS Bundle, this one offers varieties for those more experienced cultivators and/or those who have well worked soils that allow for the cultivation of long roots and large vegetables. Important to avoid water stagnation that is so harmful for many species.

    This is also a very complete vegetable garden, it contains the beautiful fleshy Ribbed Chard from Bari, a broccoli famous because of its great taste: the Neapolitan friariello; still from Napoli a king amogst turnips: the Catozza that is rustic, easy to grow and very tasty. It also includes the Calabrian Broccoli, and the delicious Puntarelle; moving up North, we have Tuscany with its Black Kale, then there is  Trentino with the Drunken Lettuce, and for a perfect compilation we added an ancient variety of giant spinach, the Virofly, from Paris.
     All ancientvarieties for a healthy and tasty vegetable garden.

    For those more passionate growers you can add some more varietes to your garden available on our site.

  • WINTER BUNDLES for summer and autumn sowing will provide you with a complete healthy winter veggie garden thanks to Brassicaceas, which hold important nutritional properties: vitamins to protect us, especially C and A, Sulforaphane, and anthocyanins to counteract free radicals and help keeping us younger. These veggies contain more Iron than meat, and vitamin C to help its absorption, along with Folic Acid which contributes to the production of red blood cells. Moreover, they contain Calcium and lots of fibre to help bones and gut health.
    By cultivating and consuming the varieties in our WINTER BUNDLE you will guarantee a healthy and tasty winter, because the brassicaceas are also great on the table. In addition, the great variety will allow you to have a long, diverse harvest, for many different recipes.