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Saving the world one seed at time 

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Seedshunters is the International branch of an Italian non-profit association; we are committed to the rescue and preservation of heirloom, rare varieties from Italy and the world.

For a few years now, we have been promoting various projects that involve professional farmers and children in both, commercial and self-production activities. Through those we prompt them to discovery the importance of biodiversity and sustainability in today’s agricultural field.


We produce all our seeds in our very own “Seedshunter’s Farm” they are harvested by our farmers' hands or come to us trough the collaboration with prestigious international associations.

We start by doing research of local and international ecotypes, once we find a heirloom one we start growing it in our farm. Then, they go through three seasons of testing to we make sure their genetics meet the required standards for each variety and they are free from phytopathologies. All our processes are organic and free from chemicals and fertilisers. After making sure our seeds meet our high standards of quality, they are ready to be collected and distributed for affordable prices, since our main goal is to get them as far as possible.

Through Seeds Hunters we aim to spread our association's message all over the world, as well as provide our support and guidance to beginning, experienced and enthusiast farmers.   


On our website, you will find a wide variety of heirloom seeds from different countries, all salvable and as we do not use any F1 hybrids or GMO's. 

Our products have also been donated to some of the biggest Botanical Gardens in Italy which are managed and kept by university research teams.

Throughout the years, we have found and saved several species, a few of them with great botanical importance.


Besides our plant species, “Seedhunter’s Farm” is home to a few pure ancient-bred animals taken to protect them from dissappearance. 


For any questions or inquiries don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be thrilled to provide more information and assistance.


Grow your own happiness




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