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World Herbs Garden

If front of you there are some of the most aromatic plants used in cuisine. Mexico, more precisely from the Oaxaca area there are: Pipicha (Porophyllum linaria), and Papalo (Porophyllum ruderale); from Thailand: Anice Basil (Occimun thyrsiflora) with purple flowers; from Italy: Erba Luigia (Aloysia citriodora) with her lemon scent; from the Caribe: Oregano from Antillas (Plectrantus amboinicus). 

To top this scent garden, there are three different varieties of mint: roman, glacial, and berry, you can get close, sense the aroma and try to guess which is which.

Pipicha (P. linaria)

Erba Luigia (A. citriodora)

Papalo (P. ruderale)

Thai Basil (O. Thyrsiflora)

Oregano from Antille (P. amboinicus)

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