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25 seeds

Cultivation: extremely easy

Seed saving: beginner

Amarylla Tomatillo (Physalis philadelfica)

  • Tomatillo Amarylla (Physalis philadelphica): this tomatillo comes from a European selection, the fruit is very similar in shape and weight to the Mexicali Tomatillo or Tomatillo Verde, but unlike those, this one does not change color during development: it remains of a beautiful yellow. Besides rendering the tomatillos prettier, this feature allows you to prepare sauces or dishes of this color while maintaining the acidity of the immature fruit that characterizes this species. Compared to the green Tomatillo, the Yellow one is slightly less acidic, more tending to sweet even when immature. You can begin the harvest when the "cocoon" (the wrapper) that protects the berry is completely filled and tightened.
     This plant reaches 1 meter height, the right planting space is 80x80cm in full sun.The plant is rustic and very resistant to phytopathies and parasites. Although it is rustic, almost like a spontaneous, a rich soil will cause higher production and a more complex taste.
     It does not tolerate water stagnation well, irrigate only when the soil is dry. It should be transplanted when temperatures are constant above 15 °C .
    Provide the plant with support in order to help it with the weight of the numerous fruits.
    The harvest should be escalated in intervals of about 60 days after transplant.

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