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100 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seeds Saving: intermediate

Ribbed Chard from Bari (Beta vulgaris var. cicla)

  • Ribbed Chard from Bari (Beta vulgaris var. cicla): this traditional Apulian chard is shorter than the normal coastal one, its leaves are smooth, and dark green, the stalks are white, long, fleshy and of erect habit.

    Particularly recommended for summer-autumn sowing and winter harvest. It is a highly appreciated vegetable as it contains vitamins, fiber, folic acid, and mineral salts. The outer leaves, which are the greenest, contain the greatest amount of vitamins and carotene, it also contains oxalic acid.

    The whole plant is edible, leaves and stem.  Remember to allow some to ripe in order to reproduce the seeds.

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