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Wild Chard (Beta vulgaris)

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  • Wild chard (Beta vulgaris): this specs followed the transition from harvester to farmer. A very rustic plant able to grow all around the national territory; the maritime subspecies is resistant to saltiness growing where other plants perish. It is low in Kcal but with a good energy value thanks to carbohydrates in the form of sugars, and many mineral salts. The “Selvatica” is a “cut chard” , it means that the leaves that are consumed.It is very productive, cold-resistant, very easy to grow, even in pots. Sowing in a seedbed can be done almost all year round, as well as cultivation; the summer months should be avoided because the heat quickly hardens the stalks. The best time is spring/autumn. It can also be found in nature, in uncultivated fields and close to the coast (sub-maritime).