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Wild Chard (Beta vulgaris)

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  • Wild Chard (Beta vulgaris): ): one of the species that has accompanied man in the transition from gatherer to farmer. A very rustic plant capable of growing all around the national territory; the maritime subspecies is resistant to saltiness growing where other plants perish. It is low in Kcal but with a good energy value thanks to carbohydrates in the form of sugars, and many mineral salts. The “Selvatica” is a “cut chard” , it means that it is the leaves that are consumed. It is very productive, cold-resistant, and very easy to grow, even in pots. The wild is a "chard for cutting" it means that the leaves are consumed. It is very productive, resistant to cold, and super easy to grow, even in pots. The sowing in seedbeds can be done almost all year round, as well as its cultivation; the summer months should be avoided as the heat quickly hardens the coasts. It can also be found in nature, in uncultivated fields and close to the coast (sub-maritime).

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