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15 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed production: intermediate

Black Chihuacle Chili (Capsicum annum)

  • Chilhuacle Negro chilli (Capsicum annuum): another traditional variety from the  magnificent Oaxaca in Mexico, this is one of the main ingredients in the famous and absolutely delicious Mole Negro sauce. It is not overly spicy, it has a complex, rich taste, the pulp is crunchy and juicy which provides sauces with a creamy texture. Berries are pretty uniform, of triangular shape, wide instead of long; they are pretty large, reaching 10 cm in length by 6 in diameter. The plant reaches about 80 cm in height, not excessively productive, it tolerates full sun exposure well, while quickly deteriorating as temperatures fall.
    There is a lot to talk about the region of Oaxaca and its agrobiodiversity, thanks to systems such as the Milpa (traditional indigenous agriculture system), this area has preserved ancient, rustic varieties that have kept and brought forward the precious traditional tastes of the region. Unfortunately, as it has also happened in Italy, the lack of generational interest, the pests, and their fragility is threatening the traditional cultivation of this important variety.

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