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200 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: beginner

Broccoli Rabe all'Olio - (Brassica rapa)

  • Broccoli all'Olio (Brassica rapa): Oiled Broccoli, also called headless turnip  because this ecotype does not produce the characteristic "tree" tops, it is actually the leaves which are consumed. The plant is extremely rustic and adapts well to cold climates, it is long-lived and very productive, by trimming the top of the plant leaving as many leaves as possible at the base, the harvest my last for many months. The leaves are sweet, their taste is less invasive that common turnip greens. The cultivation is simple, it requires, like many of the species, a soil with good availability of nitrogen.
    It does not require particular crop care, when the plants are well-developed they also bear warm climates and short droughts.
    This variety is also suitable for pot cultivation,  since they have good resistance to stress; the continuous production of leaves make it a great component of urban gardens and/or balcony cultivation.

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