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Yellow Bunch Carrot (Daucus carota)

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  • Yellow Bunch Carrot (Daucus carota): Deutch. A beautiful carrot of bright yellow colour, sweet taste. It can be eaten when fully grown – up to 25cm - or even as “baby”.

    The entire crop cycle reaches 4 months. Compared to other non-orange carrots, the top of this ecotype does not tend to green. Even if the presence of carotene is slightly lower than the orange ones, this one is rich in lutein, to which it owes its color, a carotenoid also present in the human retina.

    About carotene, not many people know that carrots became orange in the 17th century, when Dutch farmers grew orange carrots as a tribute to William D' Orange - who led the Dutch independence. A thousand years of yellow, white and purple carrots history was almost completely wiped out in one generation.

     This variety can also be grown on balcony gardens, it is actually part of one of our special Seed Bundles, don't miss it!