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20 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: intermediate

Carosello Scopatizzo (Cucumis melo)

  • Carosello Scopatizzo Leccese (Cucumis melo): Also called incomplete melon, it is a traditional variety from Southern Italy, where it is eaten raw.

    Like all other Caroselli and Tortarelli, this is a melon; it should be harvested when still immature, and eaten like a cucumber.

    The plant can grow on the ground or as a climber. It is more resistant to fungal diseases than cucumbers.

    It is recomended to save the seeds, since the involvement of commercial production could give place to hybrids which would lead to the loss of the natural characteristics of the plant.

    For consumption, pick it when it is about 15 cm, and let a few fruits per plant, to reproduce the seeds.

    Important! this variety hibridizes with melons, not with cucumbers.

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