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Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: expert

Carota Kuroda ( Daucus carota )

  • Kuroda Carrot (Daucus carota): traditional Japanese carrot used for self-production and for small businesses, it displays a strong colour, sweet flavor, and tender consistency.

    For consumption, the root must be harvested when it reaches 15 cm, whereas to reproduce the seeds it should be left until the spring after the sowing.

    This variety is particularly suitable for a wide variety of vegetable gardens because it stands both, low and high temperatures which makes it optimal to be cultivated everywhere. 


  • Carrots, as well as radishes, can be sown in different months of the year; however,the germination of carrots can be quite longer if the temperature is not optimal,  with this in mind, it is useful to alternate the radish and carrot seeds in the cultivation row so radishes germinating quicker will serve as a marker for carrots, allowing for safely weeding.


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