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30 Seeds

Cultivation: hard

Seed Saving: expert

Mapukunji Carrot (Daucus carota)

  • Manpukunji Carrot (Daucus carota): long carrot from Japan, it descends from the ancient types of long carrots from the Edo period. This variety is sweet, specially if harvested after winter frost. Traditionally served as “Namasu” (grated carrot salad) for Japanese New Year celebrations.

    The roots can easily reach 60 cm long if grown in the right soil, that should be well worked, not too fertile to prevent the carrot from growing “beards” (secondary roots).

    To collect seeds, it is necessary to wait for the next spring after the sowing. You can grow some seedlings in tall containers where you can isolate them with non-woven fabric or very fine tulle during flowering.

    Carrots hybridize easily, growing them in containers will make it easier to reproduce seeds in purity. 


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