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25 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: begginer

Castor Oil Plant (Ricinus Communis)

  • Castor Oil Plant (Ricinus Communis): a common plant in the hottest areas of the planet, valued because of its medicinal qualities, as well as its ornamental characteristics. The name comes from the shape of the seeds, which are similar to ticks, hence the name of the genus in Latin, they are actually beautiful, burgundy color embroidered by gold wreaths. It may be grown as perennial if the temperature and photoperiod allow it, otherwise, in temperate zones it behaves as annual. To be sown in spring, minimum temperature 15°c, it  requires fertile soil, moist, while avoiding water stagnation.
     The plant, that can grow either green or red leaves, is strong and vigorous, it reaches two meters and more in height, and it is very productive. The ground seeds can be used as an excellent deterrent for moles and other unwanted insects in hypogeal crops.
     This is the very last species in the manure, practice in which it demonstrates a marked fumigant action. It has a great capacity for self-seeding, collect the seeds when the capsule that contains them is dry, allow other plants to seed and leave them there, the following year manure will be ready: clearly, the manure should be done before the flowering phase, then the new sowing should be done with the seeds from the previous year.
     Interesting fact: in addition to the famous medicinal oil, the substance hidden in the seeds, Ricin, is amongst the most lethal ones, only 0.2 mg is enough to kill a man.

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