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Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: beginner


Jagged Catalonia Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

  • Jagged Catalonia Chicory (Cichorium intybus): this is a variety  for fresh-cut consumption. The head has an erect posture and the stalks do not develop too much which allows it to remain tender during cooking.

    Catalonia can be harvested several times by cutting the head at the base, thus giving it the opportunity to regrow. Sowing on seedbed can begin in June and last until October for the hottest regions of Southern Italy.

    Suitable for all soils , it is still good to avoid water stagnation. It enjoys a rich soil, it is useful to alternate it with those parts of the garden fertilised for the spring crops.

    It allows for many recipes, boiled  and sautéd, used as pasta dressing, and even baked. It has wonderful nutritional properties, it's low in calories ( 100 gr per 10 kcal), rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, and lots of vitamins, mainly A, C, B2 and B3. The plant is biennial, to obtain the seeds you will have allow the best to reach full maturity, collect the seeds and sow them the spring following the first sowing, important to cover the plants with if the temperatures approach 0°.

  • Cooking Catalonia

    It allows for tons of recipes, here we share a quick, easy, tasty one: Catalonia sautéed with anchovies and chilli pepper.

    For four people. 1kg of Catalogna, some garlic cloves, olive oil according to taste, chilli pepper and anchovies.

    To clean it the hardest and woodiest parts should be removed at the base of the head. Separate the stalks, rinse them carefully to remove soil and any insects. Then proced to boiling.

    Cut them to the desired length and immerse them in boiling water until they get soft, but not too much, 6-8 minutes depending on the size of the stalks.

    In the meantime sautée the garlic, (without removing the skin) just crushed it and add it to the olive oil as well as the chilli pepper, when the garlic has released an intense smell remove it to prevent it from becoming bitter, add some anchovies and let them dissolve in the very hot oil.

    Drain the Catalonia, squeeze it a little, the less water, the more intense the flavour and crunchy the texture.

    Add it to the pan at high heat, keep turning and stirring so that the sauce is well distributed. Salt, and enjoy!

    It takes about 15 minutes - even less - to make it.

    It is a good side dish but can also be used on bread.

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