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Giant Onion Ailsa Craig (Allium cepa)

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  • Giant Onion Ailsa Craig (Allium cepa):  heirloom variety from the early 1800’s that comes from Ailsa, a small, rocky island in Scotland; it was selected from the island’s Marquess’ very own garden. This big onion, that can grow up to 2kg, is round and compact. It should be consumed fresh, as soon as picked, since it does not last long. Water stress should be avoided, because sufficient water will make it grow bigger. This variety prefers loose soils, but it also adapts well to clayey ones, as long as stagnation which leads to rotting, is avoided. The crop cycle lasts about 100 days from transplant to harvest. This variety is widely used for fairs and exhibitions because it always amazes the public. A clear sample that gardening and fun can always go together!

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