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100 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: beginner


Long Red Onion from Tropea (Allium cepa)

  • Long Red Onion from Tropea (Allium cepa): we defintely hold special affection for the region of Calabria, where family gardens have been carrying on their selections from one generation to the next; It is the home to the fabulous Belmonte Calabro tomato, and of this spectacular onion variety that holds a beautiful color, great sweetness and crunchy pulp.

    Sow it when temperatures are stable above 14 degrees celsius in seedbeds, transplant it when the plant reaches 15 cm. Irrigate only in the absence of rainfall: the red onion from Tropea (as well as onions in general) are undemanding and very resistant vegetables. This variety is ready for harvest when the aerial and visible part begins to bend and turn yellow.  Bring the fabulous scent of Southern Italy traditions to your table.

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