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25 Seeds

Cultivation: easy
Seed Saving: intermediate

Corbaci Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

  • Corbacci Pepper (Capsicum anuum L.): this unique variety is a Turkish heirloom, its looks make it seem like it is extremely spicy but, on the contrary, it is very sweet. Its name comes from a category of restaurants in Turkey, where they mainly serve soups as well as these peppers as entreè. They can be consumed at any state of maturation, and they have a whole array of colours; green, yellow, orange, and red at the end, that is when they are the sweetest and get a little bit spicy. They allow for many preparations and provide lots of colour and taste to your dishes, salads, for instance, have never been prettier; they are great snacks and are also used pickled and powdered.

    The plant is very productive, a lot more than others in its category, it’s very undemanding and rustic. It is ready in 80 days after transplant and can be grown in pots since it is easy to care for, plus its colours and unique shape make it extremely ornamental. 

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