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15 seeds

Coltivation: easy

Seeds saving: intermediate 

Criolla de cocina pepper (Capsicum annuum)

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  • Criolla de cocina pepper (Capsicum annuum): this tasty beauty comes from Nicaragua. It displays a  unique shape, very thin skin, and bright colours, it can be eaten both, green or red.
    Its flavour is very similar to the one of habanero, fruity and
    strong, but not spicy. It canbe considered a sweet pepper. They are good in numerous recipes, at their home country, they are
    used for the traditional Salsa Criolla Campesina.
    It can be grown in pots, but it would have an effect on its taste. It is strong and productive, it also needs a continuous
    harvesting because of its great productivity.
    Ready in 60 days from transplanting if eaten green,
    and 75 if red, also for seed reproduction.

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