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Electric Daisy (Acmella alba)

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  • Electric Daisy (Acmella alba): the genus Acmella includes some very particular species, the so-called electric plants; the edible flower provides the palate with a series of sensations: at first bite a sense of freshness, that one is followed by a strong hint of lemon which then turns into a small shock that pervades on the palate, hence the name of electric. The cause of the experience is Spilanthol, an absolutely harmless anaesthetic present in the flower and leaves. In addition to these interesting characteristics, both species are very ornamental, their mat-forming habit and continuous flowering make them excellent decoration for the gardens. The plant is perennial, but it can also be cultivated as annual; it blooms in 80 days from sowing . which should be done by avoiding to bury the seed, simply resting it on the ground. It grows very well in pots, and it's better to keep it in half-shade. In winter, it remains vital if kept above 10°C. To get the seeds, it is enough to collect the flowers and let them dry, then separate them from the vegetable matter with a sieve

  • This beauty can provide amazing preparations in the kitchen, in modest quantities.
    A few petals on a fish dish will enliven it, provide some acidity, and that Umami whirlwind of flavour that everyone is going for now. The leaves, on the other hand, where the active ingredient is milder, can be put in salads.

    The main thing is not to use too much, and warn your diners. These flowers are commercially available for cooking, but at very high prices.

    Grow your own and amaze yourself and everyone around you!

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