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Black Eye Dolico Bean (Vigna unguiculata)

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  • Black  Eye Dolico Bean (Vigna Unguiculata): before the American varieties, these beans were consumed in our continent since the 16th century. They are easily recognizable on the plate portrayed in Annibale Carrci’s work “Mangiatore di Faglioli” – "Beans’ Eater". The plant has a bushy habit, like many other ancient varieties, it does not have important water needs, except for constant irrigation at the time of setting. It is particularly resistant to the normal Phytopathologies of the species. Normally, it does not require any intervention during the entire crop cycle. It was highly widespread years ago, today it is only cultivated in some areas of Puglia, Tuscany, and Veneto.

  • Conservation of been seeds:

    Storing viable bean seeds for a long time, requires a few important precautions. After harvest, the seeds must be dried in an airy place, away from direct sunlight. When the seed is dry, it is recommended to apply a heat treatment to protect them from parasites, in particular the infamous “Tonchio”or Weevil, responsible for the little holes that we sometimes find on the beans. A holed seed does not always mean it won't germinate, however, by allowing the Weevil to thrive we risk having to throw all of the beans away. The heat treatment consists of bringing the seed, after eliminating the pierced ones, to a temperature of -20º C for a few days. This inhibits the development of the larvae. Take into account that if the seed is not properly dried, it can risk breaking. It is necessary to check them periodically.

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